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Saturday, April 30, 2005

samara lubelski - live 04.30.05 we hope

due to a series of disasters including a car accident, train mishaps and having war declared on him by a third world dictatorship, chris is running behind in picking samara up and getting her to WPRB. i'm still hoping we can get a live performance recorded and on the air by 8 pm tonight.

pray for us.

Friday, April 22, 2005

eric carbonara live 04.23.05

that's right, he'll be playing live at 8pm tomorrow night. tune in for acoustic guitar goodness and maybe some electronics, i'm not sure what he's planning to do.

listening to candlemass, sithlord, les champignons, funkadelic, etc.

Monday, April 11, 2005

oh shit

from a sunburned hand of the man review in the 'brain':
It's the group's first release on the Bastet label, the record-releasing arm of the trendy Arthur Magazine, a flimsy, ink-smudged free-press monthly from Los Angeles that seems to have become the taste-making publication du jour for the indie folk, psych and metal scenes.

first, jonathan dean sneeringly using the word 'trendy' - funny.

second, "indie folk, psych and metal scenes?" what the fuck? are the children of thurston suddenly angling for metal as their fucking accessory of the month? am i going to have to restrain myself from rabbit-punching members of the visible ribs crowd in possessed t-shirts?


Saturday, April 09, 2005

christina carter live performance 04.09.05 & upcoming

the christina carter performance will be broadcast at 8 PM! she came down and gave us 45 minutes of her ghost blues, accompanied by andrew macgregor - both on voice and guitar. special guest appearance by chris' amp!

i think this the upcoming schedule:

april 23: eric carbonara
april 30: samara lubelski (also of hall of fame)

and i'm trying to remember to bring in some requested stuff like scorched earth policy, red noise, etc. and new (well, rereleased) music by boris! you love boris!

Monday, April 04, 2005

200 lb. underground compilation

tony rettman, one of the few guys who write about music who i have any respect for, has put out a compilation on the newly rejuvenated warm freedom of tongue label:

we didn't come here to make friends - a 200 lb. underground compilation

1. fritz normandy - the freedom of abridged speech
2. pengo - do you feel the magic?
3. mouthus - are there for the silos
4. dremcron - sweetheart autopsy
5. magik markers - knuckle down or you're dead
6. residual echoes - two shakes for sole
7. the demars - (some title in finnish i don't feel like typing)
8. the demars - (some title in finnish i don't feel like typing)
9. the demars - (some title in finnish i don't feel like typing)
10. the demars - (some title in finnish i don't feel like typing)
11. humectant interruption - peecker medley
12. pissed jeans - hitler was a nazi
13. double leopards - draun
14. chris bozzone - falling on dead rainbows

you will not find a better listening experience on disc this year or NO MONEY BACK!

contact tony at trettman@hhoottmmaaiill..ccoomm if you're tooling for a copy. i think he's running low so move on it.

(and yeah, track 14 is by chris "chris b." bozzone, cohost of idiot control. he's even got a website nowadays, which led to be pinning him to the studio floor and screaming "YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME, FUCKER?" in his ear for an uncomfortable 30 minutes last saturday.)

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