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Thursday, February 16, 2006


yeah, so, it was looking like we were going to be cut to an hour and a half for a while there, but then we got a last minute reprieve. so we're going to be two hours (still) from 8-10pm saturday nights. just as soon as basketball season ends (second week of march, i think).

we got lucky, as a lot of people were shunted around the schedule, and we unfortunately lost both don and wilbo's versions of the clothesline. which means two hours less of great, bravely fucked up radio BUT two MORE hours of radiohead and sufjan stevens. cough.

anyways, all hail to the clothesline - don and wilbo were greats and the kind of DJs wprb desperately needs more of, but due to a bunch of circumstances i probably shouldn't go into we non-student DJs are sort of expendable.

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