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Sunday, October 23, 2005

hey everybody

there's an article about wprb in the daily princetonian!!! i think they do one every year, but they mention our show. literally mention it. by name. that's all. fame remains a fickle bitch.

debating whether or not to do a halloween-themed show, a semi-themed show or just say fuck it and play what i want. or maybe just play two hours of metal as a psych-up soundtrack for the teenage animal sacrificers of the world.
Dearest Brian & Chris,

This has absolutely nothing to do with the article in the Princetonian (?). However, I am an unabashed fan that has called up and emailed you a few times. I just ordered a record (vinyl) for you guys of Mutzie. I've been hassling you forever about this band! Chicago area 1970's blues-rock-psych at it's best... I'll keep you posted about when it comes in. There's an mp3 of the song "Highway" (I think) on the "Light Of Your Shadow" album. You should give it a listen! I think you guys would like it! Okay.


Teresa P.
hey, teresa, thanks! good to know we're not just broadcasting to empty space.

definitely interested in that album... keep us posted.
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