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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


blogs i keep tabs on:

and then the chimney spoke (psychedelic superobscurities)
chocoreve (black market album repository)
bumrocks (i don't know, but i like it)
crudcrud (run by one of the s-s records guys)
record brother (soundtracks, garage, soul, etc)
Hello, i am from Spain.
Excuse, but i need a favour.
Do you have a copy in cdr of this vinyl?: Bill Quick "Maravillosa Gente".

If you have a copy send a message here, the e-mail of Time Lag REcords:

Time lag records web:


Jesus, from Spain.
thanks for the link, my brother
dude i ended up not killing the blog afterall. keep tuned.
hey dude,

i saw you needed a copy of 31 Flavors and some other sludge. Let me know if you wanna do a cd swap.

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